Metal Dragon Sega Genesis Bound

Metal Dragon is a new Sega Genesis title coming soon. The release date of the game has not been announced yet.

The Sega Genesis had a solid arcade style game library, headlined by Pitfall and Space Harrier. Cementing the system as a frontrunner in the 16-bit wars of its era.

Metal Dragon is a new run and gun title

Indie Retro News describes this action-packed platforming/tower defense hybrid as a ‘beautiful marriage’ of Metal Gear and Commando. Watch the video above to see how the mechanics work, and sign up for Beta access to test it yourself!

This game is fast and action-heavy, putting the player in the middle of an extremely chaotic scene. With many bullets flying all across the screen and enemies suddenly appearing, it’s reminiscent of some arcade games from the late ’80s.

Inspirations abound

The inspirations behind Metal Dragon are everywhere, from Ikari Warriors to Metal Gear. The overhead view has been popular for this type of game. Commando, Ikari Warriors, etc are just some of the titles that use this angle.

Metal Gear influence is obvious in the cut scenes and intelligence briefings. It is one of many cinematic elements that is not used all that often in games, but it certainly has its benefits. It helps develop a stronger story arc and gives a deeper layer to the game.

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