Star Blader Revision 2021 Entry Demo Released

Star Blader is a new one-on-one fighting game for the Atari Lynx hand held. Retroguru are working hard to finish the fighting game, a genre that is not saturated at all on the Atari portable. Honestly, I cannot think of another one-on-one fighting game on the Atari Lynx. Was there even one released? I know Batman Returns had fighting game elements but that was a brawler, not a tournament style fighting game. Star Blader is based off

The tale of Star Blader

Princess Alenia and her brother Elian left on a diplomatic mission. Their ship was attacked by robots and the royal family taken hostage. Your mission is to fight clones of you and other humans to save the princess and her brother before it’s too late.

Star Blader mixes old and new elements.

Star Blader features many similarities to the classic computer game, Barbarian. Swords are used, decapitations are available, blood, and the like all make the jump. Do not expect Street Fighter II levels of combos and such though, this is a much more realistic style fight. No fireballs or unrealistic spinning kicks.

One year after the arcade fighter released, Capcom created arcs of the blade that would take time to perform. Punches and kicks were quick while more powerful attacks such as swings left you vulnerable for attack if timed wrong.

Work in progress

Star Blader is not a finalized, released game. You can play my entry for the Revision 2021 competition at the link shown above and they will be making more work on it and as soon as I know a release date for the final game, so will you.

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