Vectrex Elite Work In Progress

Elite for the Vectrex has been lost to progress. However, one person was snapped up during a Reddit giveaway and shared their experience in an article.

Interested to see the Vectrex getting some “why not” love now that I think about it. Elite was released about a year after the Vectrex console, so they are both from the same era.

Elite is a universe

The Elite game has been around since 1984, but publishers have launched it over the years depending on the platform. I only recognized the name Firebird for this game, which is interesting because they are more familiar to me with porting games to personal computers. However, not too many publishers have published their ports on consoles lately.

Move up from a humble broke pilot to an elite trader/cargo hauler with endless options to choose from. With the recent beta release of Elite Dangerous: Beyond Chapter One, new players have been introduced to the wide range of things they can do as a commander by opting into early beta phases.

You can use credits you earn through play to upgrade your ship, weapons, and armor in Starship Commander. These all increase your chances of survival and success during the game.

Wire frame fun on Vectrex

“If you are not familiar with the Vectrex, I feel you” is a sentence that begins the second paragraph. When I was younger I only ever saw them in pictures or on YouTube never as one of my actual toys.

The first video game system was so novel it only had basic graphics. Contrast this to more typical models, which used static images or television screens, displays with wire frame graphics.

Although everything in the game was in wireframe, there was not much detail, this did not stop the system from finding expansion. The fan base led to games made today.

Elite for Vectrex

The port has come a long way in this game. Now you can enjoy mostly basic graphics to make your adventure.

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