Starduino Brings Star Fox Game Play To Arduboy

You would never expect to be able to play Star Fox on the Arduboy, but thanks to one of our friends e-mailing us, we are now looking at it. This game works so well because the hardware limitation has led to people using their creativity to come up with ways of portraying quality gaming experience on their 16Mhz CPU, 32KB Flash Memory, and 2.5KB Random Access Memory (RAM) device for 128×64 pixel black and white display.

Innovative new games are being created for ARDUBOY with simple-to-use code that anyone can get on. The games are not limited to 3D, but Starduino is the newest game out on the market by ARDUBOY.

Detail in this game is on par with what you got with those early Electronic Arts flight/combat simulations on the Sega Genesis. Flat shaded polygons abound. Nothing wrong with that – they keep the frame rate decent and still get the point across – that is an obstacle and you should avoid it. Easy enough.

The Starduino game file is only 100KB, a manual for the game is over 500KB. Considering what they packed into that minuscule amount of space, it’s wild.

From this gameplay video we can answer the following questions: “Is there any movement?” and “Can we avoid obstacles?” The video appears very similar to classic games such as Star Fox on the Super Nintendo (Starduino does not allow for any stunts such as ducking, jumping, aiming etc., however).

If you own a console and so happen to be looking for a new game, download this website’s Starduino. They allow accessibility and leisure. You would help developers know that there is interest and then they may release more content in the future.

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