Contra Hard Corps Drills Super Nintendo Contra III Into Ground – Today in Retro Gaming – August 8th, 1994

Like Contra Hard Corps was a throwing down of the gauntlet, that Konami was just as good as it ever was (man those were the days).  Contra Hard Corps certainly earned that title, which is evident to anyone that has played this Sega Genesis classic.

First, when playing Contra Hard Corps be prepared to lose and lose a lot.  The game is hard.  Couple the difficulty with only five continues, each netting you three men and the fact you can only take one hit means you have 15 hits between you and the final Game Over screen.  That is not much considering how tough this game is.

The game Contra Hard Corps is hard. It takes some getting used to the game mechanics, but if you give it your all, you’ll be able to make it through with perseverance despite its difficulty. One of the difficult factors of this game is only having five continues per life–with each one you take netting you three men on screen. Mario games operate under the opposite model (Mario has infinite lives with infinite skips). Your survivability coincides with your ability to play without taking hits,

Contra Hard Corps is a game that may have been difficult to see before you played it. Having only magazines to find out more information made this a problem at the time.

Videogame commercials are very rare today, with this being the trade of convenience that society has accepted. Finding any sort of videogame demo kiosk or borrowing from a friend is very difficult if not completely extraneous.

You can play this game on the Sega Genesis. Available in many colors, it has several enemies to fight on screen at some points.

One of the aspects that sets Contra Hard Corps apart from its competition is that it enables things such as rotation and scaling, in addition to explosions taking up a large portion of the screen We compare Contra III: Alien wars and Contra: Hard Corps directly in our first issue of The Pixel Arcade with a free (PDF) and paid (print) option to read.

You can can get a deal on a legal and super awesome physical copy of Contra: Hard Corps at Ebay before school starts back up!

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