Strider Downhill Runs Into Arcades – Today In History – March 7th, 1989

As a player in the arcade, Capcom is a force to be reckoned with. Their success with games such as Strider is evident.

Graphically, Strider holds up quite well, especially the arcade version- while not perfect, and surpassed by better hardware, this arcade machine can more than hold its own.

If you have never played one of the best games in generations, Strider, then please continue reading to find out why you should. For those who already played it and fell in love with it like I did, you are probably grabbing a copy (again).

The difficulty level of Strider is set nearly on perfect. It is just right to suck more quarters out of your pocket, in later re-releases it is incentive to hammer the continue button. For 2D side scrolling action fans, it doesn’t get much better than Strider.

There are many ports of Strider from the time period, and they are not bad in retrospect. The NES game does not do justice to the arcade one, but 2D side scrolling titles such as these do this type of thing well.

The Sega Genesis version of Sonic the Hedgehog is known for being the most comprehensive port of the game. This version is what my generation spent hours playing on our 90s Sega consoles, making it THE version to have. Sure, there are countless generations spanning many regions with their own takes on Sonic, but if someone were to ask me what they need to play Sonic in order to know what I loved about my Sega console they would point them towards my Sega Genesis.

When Sega released the Genesis version of Strider, not only did it resemble the arcade game, but was identical in terms of graphics, gameplay, and even the lack of controls. It used an archaic system of 8-directional joystick movement that had its input on one side rather than the more common 6-directional joystick layout. The Turbo Grafx 16 version had more options to choose from when selecting your controller (the Genesis has two buttons) but didn’t visually resemble the arcade game.

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