Kao The Kangaroo Jumps Onto Sega Dreamcast – Today In History – February 13th, 2001

15 years ago, 3D action adventure titles were all the rage. This was caused by a little plumber who launched a memorable console in 1996: Mario to be specific. This should not come as a surprise to anyone reading this as about 10 years prior, Mario did the same thing for 2D side scrolling action games after his introduction in 1985.

This article is about Kao the Kangaroo, a new 3D action adventure that tries to take Mario’s spot.

Apart from saving his captured family members from ruthless hunters, Kao must also run them out of his home in the jungle.

Kao the Kangaroo has the charm to carry it, more so than Bubsy 3D showed. This game features so much cuteness, great animations, slightly-snarky attitude without coming across as cynical. Had this game been released using a more mature 3D engine, feelers feel it may have fared better outside of Poland—it did rank for quite some time in the top 10 there.

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