5 Street Fighter Ii Ports You Don’t Know About

Well, this blogger took to blogging. They knew that their readers loved Nintendo and all of the cool games it had to offer, but they didn’t know that their audience was also into Sega. And not just any old Sega game–they wanted Street Fighter II. The thing is, Street Fighter II was originally on the Super Nintendo (in other words, someone else beat them to the punch).

Street Fighter II on Sega Master System

This is one that probably would have pushed a few sales for the 8-Bit Sega console. Considering Sega had trouble getting Capcom to release “Special Championship Edition” for their Genesis, I’m not surprised no one was holding their breath for a Master System port of the original. Looking at the Youtube video though, it’s probably a good thing we never saw this version in North America. Considering it was Tec Toy who released this version from Brazil, it is no surprise that

2) Super Fighter III- A Nintendo classic!

While Tec Toy’s version is licensed, Super Fighter III for the Sega Master System isn’t. You don’t get the privilege of playing World Warrior characters like Zangief, E-Honda, and Balrog.

3) The difficulty settings of Super Street Fighter II Turbo

The recent discovery of an Amstrad CPC port was never released but can now be rediscovered in this work-in-progress build. The title will release to platforms such as PC and consoles in the future, but right now it is playable on PC. Watch the progress being made on the project with the YouTube video embedded, then download for your chance to play early-and get a sneak peak of what’s to come!

4) Most Retro Releases This Week (#4) – Street Fighter Beta

If you are struggling to find a time efficient AI for generating content with the same quality as that created by a human, here is an article about MSX2 version of Street Fighter II. Some features of this game include having a life bar more in line with later Street Fighter games and some stages that are apparently planned. As the only console with all sixteen World Warrior characters, it offers an entertaining alternative to fans who like challenging gameplay.

5) street fighter games that are great for relaxing

Watch this video of an MSX beta and you can see how far we’ve come with video games. Street Fighter Gang is a NES game that was released December 18, 1987. The characters in the beta are from the same era and very similar to their counterparts in terms of chibi style. The levels are also unimaginable from the device’s capabilities, but still very entertaining

Have a great new port of a game you think we need to feature in a future article? Let us know.

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