Sega Dreamcast Receives New Puzzle Game- Fruit’y, Not A Bejeweled Clone

Campaigns like Candy Crush, which was released in 2012, now face declining interest- presenting opportunity for new game releases to occupy top slots.

A new style of puzzle game, Fruit’Y is neither a bejeweled clone nor the traditional puzzle game we’ve seen in Columns and Tetris. A fruit filled pit looks like Bejeweled clones but it includes the same aesthetic as Columns and Tetris, with non-fruit items.

Fruit’Y is a game that’s looks like Columns or Tengen Tetris, but is different because you don’t remove blocks to complete the level. There are two pits to choose from, one for moving items left and one for moving them right. The levels will be hectic with limited moves!

If you’re looking for a good Sega Dreamcast game to play, Fruit’Y is available for purchase for about $3 plus shipping. For just three dollars you get a professionally pressed disc in a DVD case with printed cover, an excellent homebrew release.

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