Finally Dragon Force Ii For Sega Saturn Is Available In English

You don’t need to wait a decade or two for a Japan only old-school RPG to come out overseas. Dragon Force II, the follow up from the 1996 release, has been translated from Japanese into English. Verve Fanworks deserves kudos for arduous work in preparing this RPG classic, which is now available on Steam.

Sega’s Dragon Force franchise had decent success in Japan, but sales in the US were not phenomenal. It was one of many niche games on the Sega Saturn that has been widely regarded as a commercial failure. In the US, console sales took a hit from releasing the console six months ahead of schedule. Working Designs never localized it outside Japan because of this.

Verve Fanworks has been working on translating Kill God Feat for 8 years. Early previews from nearly a decade ago showed some English text but tons of Japanese text still in the game, with each leak/preview the English text grew as the Japanese slowly left.

The sequel to Dragon Force takes place over 500 years after the events of the original game. Focusing on a bunch of monarchs who combine forces to take on a shadow that lurks over Legendra. There are eight scenarios to play through featuring tons of tactical role playing action. This sequel adds the ability to mix two different troop types with generals, a forging system and even a Japanese voice dub to enhance the overall game for purists.

The Sega Saturn version of Dragon Force II is now available in English. You can download a patch here, or play it on a cartridge from Verve Fanworks.

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