Update: Prototype Designs Of Retro Video Game System Shown, New Developer Confirmed

The new, upcoming RETRO Video Game System has seen a bit of progress recently. We’ve confirmed another developer and even got a photo of the prototype system and controller!

First the new developer that has recently come forward. Before we reveal this person, I feel the need to stress that this is not a guarantee that the company he does public relations work for is affiliated with the RETRO Video Game System.

RETRO Video Game System is packed with RETRO games that you can play brand new! RETRO games are classic games for this nostalgic gaming, focusing on the 2D Era of video gaming!

The owners of Collectorvision have confirmed that they are working on the pack-in game for the NAOMI Nintendo retro console.

Mike Kennedy, founder of RETRO Magazine and the RETRO Video Game System, has posted a picture of the DEFCON – not yet named – prototype on his personal facebook account.

Considering the new hardware system they are shooting for, the controller is fitting. It appears to be a combination of the Super Nintendo and Xbox Controller with dual analogue sticks along the top. This is an interesting new design that will likely be easy for gamers of most generations to adjust to.

The controller in the photo has a mini and micro USB port, indicating that it can be plugged in and charged instead of relying on batteries.

At this view of the console, we cannot see the controller port area, other than its indention in the front. If controllers connect wirelessly (which seems likely), then this is where the sensor would go. This also leaves speculations about how many controllers the console will accept at once of (1, 2, 3, 4 or more?).

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