Simon Belmont Cracks His Whip On The Nes: Today In History- May 1st, 1987

The Castlevania series has many iconic entries thanks to Nintendo’s console. Though the Castlevania series began on the NES, some people forget that some of Konami’s best work has been for this system too– original and otherwise. Released in 1987, today gamers will celebrate not just vampire hunting with a whip but Castlevania itself for its arrival on the classic Nintendo Entertainment System. Though not Castlevania VIII, it was among the fine choices available for the system and served as a

With the rise of nationalism and calls for nationalistic policies, it’s not surprising that Dracula appears in different aspects of pop culture. Frankenstein’s Monster, Mummy Man, Queen Medusa, Grim Reaper—all these characters are often seen alongside Dracula.

The only place big enough to hold a “monster mash” is Dracula’s castle, but it only appears once every 100 years.

Slash your way through hordes of zombies in Castlevania, Simon Belmont’s unlucky night. The castle has appeared with a horde of baddies needing returning to the grave.

If you’ve ever played Castlevania, you’ll remember how difficult it was. This was before The Internet and walkthroughs were commonplace – it was on the NES and not an Atari, computer, or Sega.

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One of the hardest mechanics to pick up in Castlevania is timing. Did you know that because of animation delays, whipping seems later than it should be?

The first time playing Castlevania, gamers found it neat to break the light fixture and other things in Drac’s castle without penalty. Breaking the fixtures felt cool because this was an original change from similar games. The DIY vandalism also added depth to the game by giving an unholy sense of power.

If you think about it, Castlevania is one big party pooper romp with you in control of the guy that was not invited. I mean, once every 100 years, Dracula is able to throw a party and some guy from the nearby village takes it upon himself to break in and crash the party?

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