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WWF Royal Rumble Slams Super Nintendo – Today in Retro Gaming – June 8th, 1993

Years ago, before they got their big boy britches on, the WWE was known as the WWF (World Wrestling Federation).  See, the WWE decided to take on someone else that held those initials, the World Wildlife Foundation.  The animal rights company won the ownership of the initials and the Federation became “Entertainment”.  Anyhow, back in […]

WCW Backstage Assault Makes Even Hardcore Fans Board on the Nintendo 64 – Today in History – December 12th, 2000

It is no secret that World Championship Wrestling (WCW) had their share of problems.  Lack of a deep locker room was not one of them.  The biggest problem that WCW faced was themselves.  They had no clear vision as to what they wanted to present fans.  The revolving door in the executive lounge was not […]

Revenge of the License: WWF Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game

Anyone who tells you violence doesn’t solve anything has never watched professional wrestling, which is a never-ending tribute to the problem-solving power of elbow drops and piledrivers. Somebody fills your brand new car with cement? Kick his ass. Somebody videotapes you getting kinky with someone you aren’t supposed to? Kick his ass. Their team thinks […]

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