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Fire Pro Wrestling Logo

Major Fire Pro Wrestling Announcement Made

What classic gaming fan has not at least tried a Fire Pro Wrestling game over the years? Sure, the early releases were not ported over to North America but the later ones certainly were (I am looking at your GBA and Sega Dreamcast). For those that missed out on this iconic series so far, imagine […]

Simpsons Wrestling

PlayStation Agony, Part 1: The Simpsons Wrestling

When Carl, the man I perceive as the primary antagonist in my life as a video game character, used a sledgehammer to defeat the lock on my door, my heart slid into my colon. “Time to pay the piper,” he said, holding up a paper shopping bag. “Donald Trump will be president, therefore you lost the […]

Saturday Knights Kickstarting AKI Engine Powered Wrestling Game

When you think of classic wrestling games more often than not the most fondly remembered ones were created by one developer.  AKI in Japan.  From WWF No Mercy and Wrestlemania 2000 AKI has done some of the better wrestling games throughout gaming.  Now, Joe Mares and Bob Ramos are working on creating a wrestling game […]

WWF Royal Rumble Slams Super Nintendo – Today in Retro Gaming – June 8th, 1993

Years ago, before they got their big boy britches on, the WWE was known as the WWF (World Wrestling Federation).  See, the WWE decided to take on someone else that held those initials, the World Wildlife Foundation.  The animal rights company won the ownership of the initials and the Federation became “Entertainment”.  Anyhow, back in […]

Today in Retro Gaming: WCW vs. NWO: World Tour

What happens when a bunch of muscle-bound athletes meet the cartridge-based Nintendo 64 head-on for the first time? You get a lot of broken plastic and smashed up electronics if you answer the question literally. But if you understand we’re talking more in the figurative sense, then you wind up with WCW vs. NWO: World […]

Game Hack: Pro Wrestling Becomes Impact Wrestling

Awhile back we covered a game hack for the Nintendo classic, Pro Wrestling, by pacnsacdave. In that version, Pro Wrestling became WWE Wrestling (we covered it in issue #2 of RGM and here onsite). Now, pacnsacdave has created an Impact Wrestling hack for Pro Wrestling.

Game Hack: WWE Wrestling (Pro Wrestling Hack) for Nintendo Entertainment System

Ask anyone what the best 8-bit wrestling game is and most will say Pro Wrestling by Nintendo on the NES. From Star Man to Fighter Hayabusa, Pro Wrestling was where it was at in the 8-bit days. Sega had some decent wrestling titles but well, the Master System sold like crap and no one remembers […]

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