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New Game: Dizzy Style Game Called Mystery Comes to ZX Spectrum

The ZX Spectrum is a platform that I have tried to cover as much as possible, especially since covering the Amstrad CPC has been mostly picked up by Ali Halabi.  The Spectrum, for those that don’t know is a United Kingdom based computer from the 80’s.  Have you noticed that these classic computers are, for […]

New Game: Willy the Wasp 2 Hits the ZX Spectrum Retro Computer

The ZX Spectrum, a computer that gamers like me here in the United States probably have very little experience with got a new game recently.  Willy the Wasp 2 was recently released on the Spectrum computer adding another action adventure title to its library.  The story for Willy the Wasp 2 is pretty simple, and […]

New Game: Dream Walker- Alter Ego 2 Released for the ZX Spectrum

Dream Walker: Alter Ego 2 follows the 2011 release, Alter Ego, this time from Russian programmers and using the ZX Spectrum.  For people in North America, the ZX Spectrum is an anomaly of European gaming computers that we never really got to enjoy when new.  Thanks to the proliferation of the Internet and emulators many […]

New Game: ZX Spectrum Gets New Game, Land of Mire Mare (Unofficially Completing the Sabreman Series)

Ultimate Play Games, later to become Rare, started as most companies did back then. Simple games with cool essence and that hard to point out thing that most classics have are all standard fare for this time. Graphics aren’t anywhere near what is seen in todays games but that is understandable and un-needed because these […]

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