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Magician Lord Brings Adventure Gaming to the Neo Geo: Today in History- April 26th, 1990

The Neo Geo had a bright future early on before SNK hit fighting game gold with certain games. Titles such as Nam 1975, Baseball Stars and Neo Turf Masters led gamers to believe the Neo Geo was going to be everything to all gamers. Everyone knows that didn’t pan out and fighting games ruled the […]

3 Count Bout Proves the Neo Geo Can Wrassle: Today in History- April 23rd, 1993

When it came to fighting games in general there is no argument that the SNK went well out of their way to make sure the Neo Geo was covered with fisticuffs of some sort. One category that was sorely lacking though was the wrestling sub-genre, no Muscle Bomber in World Heroes just isn’t going to […]

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