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Virtual Fishing on Nintendo Virtual Boy is the last Japanese Exclusive to be translated to English

The Nintendo Virtual Boy was one of Nintendo’s few failures in gaming- it was completely mishandled by the marketing team for one thing, among others.  For retrogaming fans that means there is a smaller amount of titles to collect and, ultimately, enjoy.  This lack of software makes it easy for completest collector’s to purchase every […]

Space Squash for Nintendo Virtual Boy Now Available in English

Fans have translated the Japanese exclusive Space Squash to English.  For those that are not up on their Japanese exclusive games, Space Squash was released for the Nintendo Virtual Boy.  I know, I know, big deal, no one cares about the Nintendo Virtual Boy.  Well, apparently, according to our stats, there are a lot of […]

Snatcher Being Ported to Nintendo Virtual Boy by Homebrew Developer

Snatcher, the digital comic that simply did not take off in North America like Konami would have liked.  Honestly, I cannot feign not understanding why it didn’t sell well.  First it was only available for an add-on device, the Sega CD, which did not exactly set sales records in the United States.  Second, it was […]

Fishbone on Nintendo Virtual Boy Reminds Us of Hungry Hippo Meets Fishing with Lots of Blood

This is one of the bloodiest games that you may ever play in your gaming life.  I mean look at the video below, this thing is nothing but blood, blood everywhere.  Okay, satire off.  That description could fit every release on the Nintendo Virtual Boy, considering it only displayed shades of red and black pixels.  […]

Google Cardboard Allows Gamers to Properly Play Nintendo Virtual Boy

The Nintendo Virtual Boy, for better or for worse, was quite the release for Nintendo.  For one, it was almost a unanimously bad commercial product.  Second, the way Nintendo handled the Virtual Boy cost them one of their lead designers, Gunpei Yokoi.  For many fans of the Virtual Boy though, it is not viewed as […]

Bandit Gaming: Street Fighter II Champion Edition, Hyper Fighting, for Virtual Boy Spotted in Wild

That is a convoluted title, for sure, but it is true.  A port of Street Fighter II Champion Edition, called Hyper Fighting, for the Nintendo Virtual Boy has been found in the wild.  We are talking complete here folks- box, manual and cartridge, for the Virtual Boy.  Video and pics after the jump.

Bandit Gaming: Mario Combat for Nintendo Virtual Boy Inches Closer to Final Build

Nintendo Virtual Boy owners are used to having limited games to play but thanks to indie developers, that list is slowly growing. While not complete, Mario Combat is on its way, inching closer to an official release. Basically this is a limited variation on Yoshi’s Safari for the Super Nintendo mixed with some Doom graphics […]

New Game: Flappy Bird Flaps onto Virtual Boy with Flappy Cheep Cheep

While the developer behind Flappy Bird has decided to take his ball and go home, indie developers have taken the opportunity fully in hand to fill the void. There is no doubt that this is using Mario sprites (it is not quite known for sure if the original did the same).

New Game: Zpace Racers for Virtual Boy Comes Out of Coding Competition

Since the Nintendo Virtual Boy was a 3D system, it would seem that there should have been more 3D racing games on the platform. Sadly, this merging of game genre and hardware went uncapitalized on. That has not stopped indie developers from taking a shot at correcting this situation though. Welcome Zpace Racers, a recent […]

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