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5 Unlicensed Ports of Mario Games

This is not a rehash of the “4 Sega Genesis Super Mario Ports You Don’t Know About” article. Instead, this article is less console specific and more varied in content covered. Here I will take a look at several of the unlicensed Mario games that have been made over the years. The platforms covered here […]

Bandit Gaming: Super Mario RPG- The Starlite Worlds Released on PC Using RPG Maker XP

There are a lot of interesting projects using the RPG Maker XP engine, most are not exactly games we can discuss here but one such project has “retro” written all over it. Super Mario RPG- The Starlite Worlds from ICU Gigasoft has just been released and it is one of the more interesting projects that […]

New Game: Road Fighter Found for Korean Sega Master System and Released

The first racing game from Konami, Road Fighter, was an arcade “hit” that was not that popular on home consoles. A Korean version has been found for the Sega Master System, believed to be an unlicensed game ported from the MSX release. Thanks to an online preservation website, Road Fighter for the Sega Master System […]

Bandit Gaming: Unlicensed Korean Sega Master System Version of Robocop Found and Released

Robocop never officially hit the Sega Master System, and many wish it had never hit the Nintendo Entertainment System but that is another article altogether. The lack of a license has not stopped Korean based developer SIECO Ltd from creating a version for the Sega Master System. This version has recently been found and released […]

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