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Revenge of the License: Hooters Road Trip

I didn’t exactly have high expectations for a game based on PG-rated chicken wings, but holy shit, Ubisoft, what have you done? Hooters Road Trip not only failed to blow my socks off, but after fifteen minutes of play I inexplicably found myself wearing several additional pairs. No game featuring scantily-clad women should ever result […]

Today in Retro Gaming: F1 Pole Position 64

There’s something to be said for coming in first. While people remember who won a given race, ask them who came in second and they’ll either have to think about it for a minute or else admit they don’t know. When it comes to sports, the gold medal might as well be everything and second […]

Revenge of the License: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Part Two)

By now I’m sure you’ve had time to read the first part of our series which looks at the the two games made for the NES and based on the third film in the Indiana Jones trilogy. If you somehow missed part one, or if you’d like to review the reasons why Taito’s version is […]

Revenge of the License: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Part One)

Ah, Indiana Jones. What a fine trilogy of films you made, and what a slew of cut-rate, awful games based on those same films have dogged your footsteps like a fast-rolling boulder trap in an Incan ruin. Indy’s one of those properties that turns out OK as long as LucasArts has a hand in the […]

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