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Album: OverClocked Remix Releases Special Album Celebrating Game Boy 25th Anniversary

Okay, we missed the 25th anniversary here in North America (it was yesterday) but OverClocked Remix didn’t miss that milestone anniversary. OverClocked Remix is not a new team to the world, they started in 1999, 15 years ago, and have created many great gaming related albums over those years.

Sonic Jam 6 Mario Bros Sega Genesis retro

Bandit Gaming: Sonic Jam 6 Mario Bros on Sega Genesis

We have covered the Mario games quite a bit here at Retro Gaming Magazine (as evidenced here) and will probably continue to cover them as long as you, the readers, want us to. We have not really covered Sega’s mascot that much though (see here) and we have really not covered many crossovers for the […]

Elyssian Shadows Dreamcast Box

Kickstarter: Elysian Shadows Kicks Off Crowdfunding Initiative

Elysian Shadows, the upcoming game for a myriad of platforms including the Sega Dreamcast, has just begun their crowdfunding effort. Much like other projects that use Kickstarter, Elysian Shadows needs some financial help, moreso than the developers can afford on their own. If the initial fan support is any sign, this is going to be […]

spunkys-super-car coleco vision collector vision

Update: Spunky’s Super Car for Colecovision Receives New Trailer

It seems that the Colecovision is getting some more love from the indie development scene. Spunky’s Super Car is a new game that is being published by Collector Vision and the dev has just released a new trailer showing off some more gameplay. Check it out after the jump.

Tekken 3 Sega Genesis Namco Bandit Gaming retro

Bandit Gaming: Tekken 3 on Sega Genesis

Tekken is one of those games that helped push more Playstation sales during the 32-Bit wars than any other game during that time. Sony’s first console was home to three Tekken games and fans ate each of them up as fast as they were released. Now, imagine how Namco’s flagship fighting game would look on […]


New Game: Death Race Ported to Magnavox Odyssey 2

Anyone that has done any real amount of research into the early days of gaming will, at least, have heard something about a game called Death Race. Death Race was very controversial back in the late 70′s. Exidy only created 500, or so, cabinets which makes the arcade unit quite a collector’s item.

Angry Birds Sega Genesis

Bandit Gaming: Angry Birds Cross onto the Sega Genesis

Angry Birds is one of those games that has transcended gaming and brought in non-gamers much like Myst did in the mid 90′s. What started out as a mobile game, that was as casual as you probably could get, has been ported to home consoles including the Sega Genesis.

dreamcast hard drive

Hardware Hack: Working Dreamcast Hard Drive

The Sega Dreamcast is a console that probably has had the most new games, new hardware interfaces, hacks, etc released for it after it was commercially dead. Take this new hack for instance, a hard drive interface. One that really works. Read on for more information.


Flash Cartridge for Mattel Intellivision Coming

The Mattel Intellivision was not exactly a household name when it was new, certainly not now, but that has not stopped indie developer, Left Turn Only, from creating a flash cart for the console. The kicker is, this flash cart is big enough, 32 megs, to hold the ENTIRE Mattel Intellivision library of games.

Twin Tiger Shark Windows overhead shooter retro

New Game: Twin Tiger Shark for Windows Released

Retro gaming fans probably know the 16-Bit shooter world quite well with titles such as Raiden, Space Megaforce, the Thunder Force series, Axelay and many more. The old saying, they just don’t make them like that anymore comes to mind as I struggle to think of very many recent titles that hearken back to those […]

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