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Three New Retro Gaming Consoles Coming

There are currently three new retro gaming consoles on the way.  Each has a different set of games and options.  Two are limited to the games of the hardware while the third is more of a wild card in this race.  While many gamers are clamoring for news on the upcoming Nintendo Switch there are […]

TecToy Releasing New Sega Genesis Bundle

It is no secret that Nintendo themselves are releasing the Nintendo NES Classic Mini (previewed here).  Nintendo is making sure that this is a closed system and not one that will feature user augmentation of any kind – no SD card support, no cartridge support and no USB options.  Nothing other than the included games.  […]

New Hardware: New Nintendo NES Clone called Super 8-Bit Released

Alright, the Nintendo Entertainment System is undoubtedly a great little console, Nintendo’s questionable business tactics aside.  The 8-Bit NES rocked the worlds of a lot of gamers over the last 30 years, all over the world, and continues to do so long after it died commercially.  Thanks to clone systems that continue to get slightly […]

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