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Super Mario World 2 Yoshi’s Island, Enough Said – Today in Retro Gaming – October 4th, 1995

When Nintendo announced Super Mario World 2 Yoshi’s Island it was kind of unknown what was to come.  You see, back in the day fans had to deal with waiting for gaming publications to drop the scoop in their next issue.  There was no Internet so we couldn’t load up Youtube and watch trailers to […]

Adventure Pals Busts Through Kickstarter Goal

We have been working on covering more of these Kickstarter games as our fans have shown great support for them.  One such campaign that has caught our attention was Adventure Pals, a family friendly action game coming to Windows, Xbox One, Macintosh and Linux computers.

Oton Console to Bring Artificial Intelligent Design to Retro Gaming

That headline is no joke, there is a console that is coming that will bring artificial intelligence to retro gaming.  The problem is, it is not in the way that you are probably thinking.  No, games won’t all of a sudden be able to learn your level of skill after a few plays and then […]

Bandit Gaming- Super Mario World Being Ported to the MSX2

The MSX2 is a gaming computer that we never received here in the United States.  Many of the titles that we later cherished though had great outings on this gaming computer, Metal Gear 1 and 2 being just a couple of the big releases, at least later in gaming history.  We covered the fan translation […]

Happy 24th Birthday, Super Nintendo!

(The SNES is one year older than it was last year, so we updated our birthday tribute article, and by ‘updated’, we mean ‘changed a number in the title and re-posted it’. Come at us.) The hype was unreal. The tension was palpable. The gaming press couldn’t print information, rumor, speculation, and screenshots fast enough. […]

Game Hack: New Dr Mario World (Super Mario World Total Conversion)

Super Mario World is probably the reason many people purchased a Super Nintendo on day one, or within the first few months when other titles were simply not available. As we have seen over the years, the fan community can be quite inguinitive when it comes to working with the ROM files of these classics. […]

Prototype: Frog Dude for Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Released by Developer

In this day of the Internet and all of its far reaching tentacles into just about every facet of life, it is hard to believe that there are still games being discovered for old systems. Thanks to Andy Swann, former key programmer for Twilight- developers of Alfred Chicken, a new Sega Genesis/Mega Drive game has […]

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