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Five Classic Franchises Reimagined Using Unreal Engine 4

Check out these five classic retro gaming franchises re-imagined using the Unreal Engine.

Oddballs in Gaming: Super Mario Sunshine

Mario and Nintendo are no strangers to solid 3D platformers. Featuring solid gameplay and amazing controls Mario made the transition into the third dimension almost seamlessly. But, one game stands out among them as the weird one and it is Super Mario Sunshine. A game we have spoken about in RGM at lengths, even discussing […]

5 Reasons why Super Mario Sunshine Rocks

Last time we covered the 5 reasons why Super Mario Sunshine was awful. But, it would be unfair if we took a dump on Super Mario Sunshine without singing its praises. The fact is SMS was a hit with players for good reasons. Super Mario Sunshine was definitely cutting edge for its time and we’re […]

5 Reasons Super Mario Sunshine Sucks!

  Super Mario Sunshine released on the GameCube about a decade ago, and it is still considered one of the most polarizing games in the history of Mario. The tale of how some potentially colorblind people pinned a crime on Mario during his visit to Isle Delfino is one shared amongst many gamers. It’s practically […]

Game Hack: Super Mario Bros 64 DS Becomes Sunshine 64 DS

The Super Mario Bros franchise has been a hit for Nintendo, which is a fact.  There is no doubting that Nintendo’s overall success has been greatly influenced by their little Italian plumber.  Even though Mario is huge for Nintendo, that doesn’t mean that his exploits always reach the platform that fans would like them to.  […]

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