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Fan Mod Super Mario 64 Last Impact Released

Super Mario and Nintendo are synonymous with video games.  You don’t have to be a Nintendo fan to know who Mario is.  The legions of fans that not only remember Mario but also want more fun in the series is almost incalculable.  One fan named Kaze has taken his fandom of Nintendo and Super Mario […]

Game Hack: Super Mario Bros 64 DS Becomes Sunshine 64 DS

The Super Mario Bros franchise has been a hit for Nintendo, which is a fact.  There is no doubting that Nintendo’s overall success has been greatly influenced by their little Italian plumber.  Even though Mario is huge for Nintendo, that doesn’t mean that his exploits always reach the platform that fans would like them to.  […]

Demake: Super Mario 64 for the Atari 2600, Yes You Read that Right

When Nintendo launched their 64-Bit beast of a console it was at an interesting time.  The competition were busying themselves with 32-Bit CPU’s and the games that came along with that level of graphical prowess.  Nintendo decided to not even bother with the 32-Bit generation and leap frog to the next logical plateau, 64-Bit.  Of […]

Bandit Gaming: Super Mario 64 Hack Unleashes Luigi for Multiplayer

Ah, Super Mario 64, the classic Nintendo game that sold one to one with the Nintendo 64 at launch- a feat not matched since.  This was the first time that the iconic plumber went into the third dimension and fans ate it up.  Gaming publications of the time were more than happy to publish guides, […]

Bandit Gaming: Super Mario 64 With Upgraded Graphics Tech Demo

For just about any gamer that was a gamer when Super Mario 64 hit on the Nintendo 64, it was a seminal time. A moment that made the N64 a must by, on day one, system. Nintendo played this release perfectly and looking back, sales prove this was masterfully pulled off as it was a […]

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