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Three New Retro Gaming Consoles Coming

There are currently three new retro gaming consoles on the way.  Each has a different set of games and options.  Two are limited to the games of the hardware while the third is more of a wild card in this race.  While many gamers are clamoring for news on the upcoming Nintendo Switch there are […]

The New Nintendo Classic Console Previewed

  You’ve probably already heard that the classic Nintendo console has returned. The new NES is practically the same in design, but only cuter than before. It’s called NES Classic Mini and it’s the official relaunch containing 30 classic hits and most loved 80s games ever.

Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest Creeps onto the Nintendo Entertainment System- Today in History: April 27th, 1990

Taking place seven years after the original Castlevania, this installment takes a rather large departure from what fans knew from the first title.  Simon is on a pilgrimage to visit his family’s resting place and meets a lady that tells him that Dracula has placed a curse on the Belmont family (bummer).  Unlike the first […]

Kickstarter: Infernax Bringing 8-Bit Horror 2D Action Back from the Dead

Ah, the good old days of 8-Bit gaming.  For those of us that have been around long enough to remember those days, particularly the end of that era, will probably remember how gamers quickly dropped it.  Sure, what is old becomes new again, and in this day and age of super detailed graphics, orchestral audio […]

Review- Castlevania Spectral Interlude for ZX Spectrum

Okay, this is a tough review to write for me.  Not because it is a bad game or anything but because Castlevania Spectral Interlude is just so damned good.  While this is a fan made title, i.e. technically illegal as Konami has not licensed this version, it feels like an official Konami release.  Aleksander Udotov […]

Update: Castlevania on ZX Spectrum Gets Subtitle and More Updated Screen Shots

We covered this port of Castlevania earlier this year and now can report that the game is now about 95 percent complete. The version we covered before was an early entry in Retro Games Battle 2014 and Sanchez (the dev) has not stopped working. This is an unlicensed port of Castlevania to the ZX Spectrum, […]

Bandit Gaming: “Castlevania” on the ZX Spectrum

Apparently a dedicated fan has created Castlevania II for the ZX Spectrum. This is a product of a homebrew challenge called Retro Games Battle 2014. Several interesting titles were submitted but “Castlevania”, as it is called, is the most interesting of the bunch. Obvsiouly based on Castlevania II, it has a town and similar gameplay […]

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