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Konami Cracks the Belmont Whip in Super Castlevania IV on Super Nintendo- Today in History- December 4th, 1991

The Castlevania series is destined to go into the annals of gaming history as being an iconic series.  If video games crashed tomorrow, Castlevania games, in general, would be well regarded years to come.  Konami has not taken many chances with this franchise (I am ignoring the Nintendo 64) and played it fairly safe in […]

Update: Castlevania on ZX Spectrum Gets Subtitle and More Updated Screen Shots

We covered this port of Castlevania earlier this year and now can report that the game is now about 95 percent complete. The version we covered before was an early entry in Retro Games Battle 2014 and Sanchez (the dev) has not stopped working. This is an unlicensed port of Castlevania to the ZX Spectrum, […]

Game Hack: Simon Belmont in 8 Eyes on the Nintendo Entertainment System

When Electronic Gaming Monthly did the Simon Belmont in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game for the Nintendo Entertainment System, many gamers were caught off guard.  It was unheard of at that time for a magazine to do such a thing- to play a trick on the readers like that?  Thanks to hackers, […]

Bandit Gaming: “Castlevania” on the ZX Spectrum

Apparently a dedicated fan has created Castlevania II for the ZX Spectrum. This is a product of a homebrew challenge called Retro Games Battle 2014. Several interesting titles were submitted but “Castlevania”, as it is called, is the most interesting of the bunch. Obvsiouly based on Castlevania II, it has a town and similar gameplay […]

Game Hack: Castlevania Simplified 2.0 Released

If you are a new gamer just discovering retro, or are a long time gamer, you probably realized sooner than later that the original Castlevania is not easy. Not by any means. Konami made Castlevania hard and it became a badge of honor back in the day to be able to brag that you have […]

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