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8-Bit Adventure Anthology Volume One

8-Bit Adventure Anthology Volume One Features Point and Click Classics

The world of adventure games is a wild one. Especially when you venture into the computer side of the equation where point and click adventures used to battle with text adventures and role-playing games alike. On consoles, it was a different story – text adventures were non-existent and role-playing games only picked up steam as […]

Shadowgate Leaps onto Android and iOS

Previously I have covered the original Shadowgate on the Nintendo Entertainment System, the buildup and launch on Windows of the remake and now, I am covering that remake releasing on Android and iOS.  Shadowgate is a point and click adventure title that has more than a small cult following.  Fans of Shadowgate probably remember the […]

Traverse the Dank Dark World of Shadowgate on NES – Today in History – December 16th, 1989

The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) was not known for its long drawn out thought provoking titles.  Rather, the NES was known for its quick reflex action titles that younger gamers enjoyed more.  For the aging crowd of gamers, which there were more than a few since by this point in time the NES was going […]

The Fifteen Most Difficult NES Games (That Are Not Battletoads)

As the tropes go, there’s hard, and then there’s Nintendo Hard. The distinction is easily understood by anyone who grew up in the 8-bit era, but the tradition continues to this day with games like Super Meat Boy and I Wanna Be The Guy. Nintendo Hard games aren’t made that way by flipping a difficulty […]

New Game- Zombi Terror Brings The Walking Dead Adventuring to Classic Computers

The Walking Dead is an interesting hit for A&E Television, a station that is kind of new to the zombie genre.  On one hand it is completely outside of their comfort zone for content and on the other it fits right in with the current motif of action shows.  The team at Kabuto Factory are […]

Re-Release- Classic Macintosh Adventure Games Brought to Steam for Windows Retrogamers to Enjoy

It is a good day to be a retrogaming fan as several classic Macintosh point and click adventure games have just been released onto Steam.  Zojoi, the developer of these titles, has ported them to Windows and newer Macintosh platforms.  Amongst the titles brought over only one will not be familiar to Nintendo Entertarinment System […]

Update: Shadowgate Gets Release Date on Windows, No Definite Date for Mobile Yet

Shadowgate, a title we covered a few months ago, has just been given a definite release date for the Windows version. There is still no definite release date for the mobile (iOS and Android) versions though. Shadowgate is a Kickstarter success story and a remake of a fondly remembered adventure game that hit various computers […]

Shadowgate Getting Remade for Android, iOS, Mac and PC

Shadowgate, the classic adventure title that was a PC/Mac hit, is getting remade by the creators, Zojoi. This remake of Shadowgate is coming to many platforms including Android, iOS, Mac and PC- no word on a console version (the original did hit the Nintendo NES and Game Boy Color and ranks high with gamers that […]

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