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Super Mario Bros X 2.0 Released, Grab Before Cease and Desist Comes

It is obvious today that Nintendo is going to put down anything that is not sanctioned by them and using their characters.  This is sad news as a lot of fans simply love Nintendo and their characters.  We have seen a lot of fan games taken down lately and it is just a matter of […]

Oddballs in Gaming: Metroid Prime: Hunters

The Metroid Prime series are one of the most successful attempts at transitioning to 3D for any series. Samus Aran’s journey into the planet Talon IV was a difficult, yet rewarding single player experience. The depth of exploration and air of mystery which surrounded the secrets of Metroid Prime left many players wondering what other […]

What if there were Fatalities in Smash Bros?

Nintendo has never really been all that keen on the idea of actually killing, I mean completely obviously utterly ending the life of, characters in their games.  Sure, in Super Mario Bros and the sequels you dispatch the enemy characters in cartoony ways.  Even in the Smash Bros series, a fighting game by Nintendo, they […]

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