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Fan Mod Adds Double Dragon II Bosses Everywhere

The original Double Dragon II was not all that easy to beat.  To add to the complications in beating this brawler, you did not see the whole game if you played on an easier difficulty.  This was cool for the hardcore players but also kind of a rip off to those that were not quite […]

Game Hack: Streets of Rage 2 Color Enhancement Released

The Genesis gets a raw deal when it comes to colors available and the use of those colors when you compare a cross platform game (see issue #1 of RGM for 15+ pages of such a comparison). Sega could have used better colors for their games, the Genesis has them available, but for some reason […]

Bandit Gaming: Spy vs Spy – Mario Bros Edition for Nintendo NES

Mario has had a lot of jobs over the years from doctor (Dr. Mario) to kart racer (Mario Kart series) and even a typing teach (Mario Teaches Typing). One job has eluded the Italian plumber though and that is the elaborate life of a spy. Thanks to fans, Mario can now check off this profession […]

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