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Bandit Gaming – Risky Rick Brings Rick Dangerous to Colecovision Console

Risky Rick brings Rick Dangerous to the Colecovsion console in an unofficial manner. 2D side scrolling action adventuring awaits those that take the leap. Currently a work in progress.

Is Rick Dangerous 2 the Best Game Ever? 25 Years ago Amstrad Action Thought so

25 years ago this month the highest ever rated game by Amstrad Action magaizine was reviewed, this game was Rick Dangerous 2.  A platform / adventure style with loads of humor and a great deal of innoivation that set a bench mark for other platform games to follow.  Amstrad Action were so impressed with Rick […]

New Screenshots Released for Justice Beaver on Super Nintendo by Collectorvision

We are following the work of Collectorvision quite closely.  They are a prolific independent homebrew developer for those that do not know.  One title that we have covered a few times here at RGM is Justice Beaver for the Super Nintendo.  Justice Beaver is a 2D side scrolling action platform title that is currently in […]

Update- Justice Beaver Meets Goal on IndieGoGo with Time to Spare, Plus New Screenshots

Collectorvision have just reached their $20,000 goal on IndieGoGo, with about three days to go.  Along with this news, they have released some screenshots of level 2 of their new Super Nintendo Entertainment System game, Justice Beaver.  The second level is a lava themed affair that is akin the later castle levels of Super Mario […]

Update: Justice Beaver for Super Nintendo Reworked, New Screens and Video

We covered Justice Beaver by Collectorvision a short while back (here) and during that time, there have been some major changes.  First, the IndieGoGo campaign is sitting at ¾ funded with about 11 days left for anyone that has not backed it but would like to.  Now, onto the fun stuff, the new screens and […]

No Game: Rick Dangerous Will Not Be Coming to Super Nintendo

Recently we reported on Rick Dangerous coming to the Super Nintendo. We just found out this game will not be making it to the classic Nintendo console. Via Twitter directly from Piko Interactive has been denied licensing of the rights to Rick Dangerous. Square Enix owns the rights to Rick Dangerous and has expressed no […]

New Game: Rick Dangerous Coming to Super Nintendo

Rick Dangerous, a Core Design original property for computers in the late 80’s, is getting an unofficial port to the Super Nintendo system. Rick Dangerous is known for his difficult spelunking antics and could be thought of as the precurser to the Tomb Raider series. Having reached many other platforms including Sega Genesis and the […]

New Game: Sydney Hunter & The Mayan’s Revenge for NES Coming Soon

Side scrolling action games is arguably what built the powerhouse that is known as the Nintendo Entertainment System. There is a plethora of them, not only on the NES but most systems up to the 16-Bit era after which everything changed to “polygons this” or “polygons that”. Indie developers have kept the flame alive though, […]

New Game: Commodore Amiga Hits Paydirt with Solid Gold

The Commodore Amiga is one of those classic computers that just keeps on giving to the community, even decades after it was pulled from store shelves. Thanks to Night Owl Design the Commodore Amiga can rack up one more interesting game for its library, Solid Gold. Much like Giana Sisters or Turrican, both action platformers […]

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