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Atari Jaguar console

Updated: New Hardware- RETRO Video Game System in Development

Okay, how many times do we get to discuss upcoming, new, hardware?  Not that often, not nearly as often as we do games for old platforms.  The man behind RETRO Magazine has been tipping his toes in the waters of hardware manufacturing and launching a new gaming platform.  How he plans on doing this is […]

New Game: Boulder Dash for Intellivision

The Mattel Intellivision is one console platform that was much more capable than what it was able to show off to gamers. Thanks to indie developers over the last several years though, the Intellivision has been given a new lease on life. Boulder Dash is one such new title for the failed platform that shows […]

Alone in the Dark to Come to Sega Dreamcast Thanks to Dedicated Fan

Alone in the Dark was one of those titles that had to be seen to be believed, and many that saw it, bought it. The game was just so different versus what was available at the time. For the first time, it was actually like walking around a deserted mansion fending off unspeakable horrors that […]

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