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Update – New Xenocider Boss Shown

A new boss is shown off for Xenocider and you will not believe how cool it looks. As they say, the devil is in the details. This new Sega Dreamcast title is shaping up great.

Xenocider, 3D Shooter Mac, Linux, PC, Dreamcast Now Live on Kickstarter

When you think of Kickstarter games do you think Sega Dreamcast?  There have been a few such as Elysian Shadows that has reminded gamers that the Dreamcast is still alive.  Xenocider is another title that is looking to keep the dream alive.  Retro Sumus are not just pushing the envelope with Xenocider, they are forcing […]

Retro Sumus Release Early Footage of Xenocider, Space Harrier Style, Dreamcast Game

Retro Sumus are not strangers to the readers of Retro Gaming Magazine.  I have covered, the admittedly little known about it, AMEBA before.  Now, Retro Sumus are back with information on their next game, Xenocider.  For those that have not simply jumped to the video below, Xenocider is a homage to Sega’s Space Harrier.  On […]

New Game: Ameba is a New Visual Novel for Sega Dreamcast

The Sega Dreamcast is no stranger to wild and wacky games, especially those from homebrew developers.  Since Sega left the Dreamcast pretty open, we can debate if that lead to its death at a later time, homebrew developers are able to continue releasing new titles for it over a decade after it was commercially ended.  […]

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