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Review – Air Attack 2 Overhead Shooter Android iPhone

Classic genres such as overhead shooters have been finding a new home in the mobile world.  That is great for fans that just want to see more overhead shooters.  Many of these newer games are not my cup of tea though- they are of the “bullet hell” style which I can honestly do without.  I […]

Kickstarter: Air Brawl Looks to Update Wing War Style Battles with Even More Crazy Weapons

Who, reading this, remembers Wing War by Sega?  Wing War was an arcade title that featured airplane battles in a 3D world of flat shaded polygons.  Sega’s game was able to transcend the limitations of the hardware/time period and become more than the sum of its parts for those that gave Wing War a chance […]

New Game: Sky Rogue Mixes After Burner and Star Fox and is Coming to Steam

Alright, flat shaded polygon arcade shooters similar to Star Fox are not something we see all too often. Thanks to the team behind Sky Rogue, we can enjoy one more game in this genre. The big difference between Sky Rogue and Star Fox is the open, procedurally generated, world of Sky Rogue (and it runs […]

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