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Curses ‘N Chaos to Remind Gamers of Classic Arcade Days on Playstation 4 and PS Vita

The glory days of arcade gaming are all but forgotten now as an even younger generation of gamers (one that has no memory of life before the Internet) is taking charge in gaming.  There are still a few of us left that remember dropping quarters into the latest SNK title (may I mention prior to […]

New Game: In the Kingdom for Windows and Mac

Anyone that has been around the gaming culture will probably recognize Doom. Not the remakes on new flashy hardware but the original, pixelated mess that kickstarted first person shooters into the mainstream. These style of shooters are still popular even in their pixels running wild graphics. In the Kingdom is one such style shooter that […]

New Game: Pixeltrek in Development for Windows

To say Star Trek is a popular, even years and decades after it stopped airing new episodes, television series would be quite an understatement.  The problem with this phenom of an entertainment product is that it is stupidly hard to please the majority of the fans.  That has not stopped companies from trying over the […]

New Game: Witchmarsh for Windows Now on Kickstarter

Quick, name the last game that was set in the 1920’s and more specifically, Massachusetts. Yeah, not many of those is there? Now, add in supernatural mystery, 2D side scrolling pixel based graphics and the depth and challenge of titles such as Baldur’s Gate and Wizardry to the mix. That is basically Witchmarsh and it […]

New Game: Glorious Leader Chronicles the Power Within Kim Jong-un, or Not

It is no secret that North Korea is slightly behind the times in just about every conceivable measure. There have been wild stories from people that have defected and gotten out of North Korea over the years and apparently, now there is going to be a game that chronicles the powers that Kim Jong-un has, […]

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