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Top Castlevania Hacks, Breath New Life into a NES Classic

Castlevania is an iconic series of gaming, both retro gamers and modern gamers know the name and have some understanding of the franchise.  Just like Mario and his antics, Castlevania is almost timeless, or at least Konami would love for it to be.  With most things retro there are fans out there that have taken […]

Game Hack: Castlevania- Opposing Bloodlines Mixes Up a Gaming Soup

There have been many gaming mashups over the years for various systems, most popular of the bunch probably being the Super Smash Bros series. Retro platforms have been doing it for far longer than that Nintendo 64 game though, particularly Konami who released Konami Wai Wai World and Parodius, both spoofs in their own rights. […]

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