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LTO Flash Cartridge Released for Mattel Intellivision

A new flash cartridge has been released for the Mattel Intellivision.  Imaginatively named the LTO Flash! this little device does what you would think. Designer, Joe Zbiciak, is quite involved in the retrogaming community- primarily the Mattel Intellivision sub-genre. 

Elektronite Continues Work Bringing Tetris to Mattel Intellivision

Tetris is the title that probably single handedly handed Nintendo the portable market in the late 80’s.  This was accomplished via some shrewd business maneuvering with the right people on both sides of the table.  It was also the pack-in title (remember those?) for the newly released Nintendo Game Boy.  This single move is what […]

Defender of the Crown Coming to Mattel Intellivision

Recently we covered the sale of Cinemaware, the owners of the Defender of the Crown games, to Starbreeze.  Well, in the comments of that article we were alerted to a legal port of Defender of the Crown to the Mattel Intellivision.  Once I heard this, I knew I had to bring forward an article covering […]

Revenge of the License: Boxing Games and Karma

Humanity has a few personality quirks we’ve spent the last several thousand years failing to breed out of existence. Chief among these appears to be our desire to watch one person pulverize another in combat. No less a philosopher than the Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 remarked of the human race, “It’s in your nature to […]

The 2nd Great Video Game Crash and how it could Be Stopped

The video game industry had a crash in 1983/1984 that nearly ended our favorite pastime for good.  During this period there were many gaming consoles available, lots of games and many developers that were popping up out of nowhere and just as quickly disappearing.  It was a horrific time for fans of gaming that lived […]

Boulder Dash Finally Sees Light of Day on Mattel Intellivision

The Mattel Intellivision was quite the unique console, it was not all that well received by the fans of the time but #retrogaming fans are reviving it on a regular basis.  One such revival for the Mattel Intellivision is a new release for a game that Atari had a hold on, Boulder Dash.  Thanks to […]

Game Release- Flapee Bird Released on Intellivision by Collectorvision

Okay, we have not covered Flappy Bird, or a clone, in a good while so here is a bit of news on a new Flappy Bird clone.  Collectorvision have released, on physical cartridge, their Flappy Bird clone, Flapee Bird, for the Intellivision console.  For those that do not know, the Intellivision console is no longer […]

New Game- MS. Pac-Man Ported to Intellivision

Pac-Man had to go solo, single, on the Mattel Intellivision since his wife, Ms. Pac-Man was unable to make the jump.  That has not stopped homebrew developers from helping out the Misses.  Carl Mueller Jr has taken up the reigns of porting Ms. Pac-Man over and, well, check out the video after the jump to […]

New Game: Princess Quest Ported to the Mattel Intellivision, Release Imminent

The Mattel Intellivision is a console that was not all that well received by the gaming community of the early 80’s but that has not stopped homebrew developers from continuing to support it.  One such homebrew publisher is Collectorvision (we like these guys as evidenced here).  Princess Quest was originally a Colecovision title, another console […]

5 Obscure 8-Bit Gaming Licenses You Don’t See Anymore

Licensing a celebrity, sports star, company and others are nothing new in gaming. I have seen many liceneses in gaming over the years. Movie stars, movies themselves, even commercials have made the jump to become a license for a game many times over. Most notably, licensing occurs in sports with each new iteration of whatever […]

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