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The 2nd Great Video Game Crash and how it could Be Stopped

The video game industry had a crash in 1983/1984 that nearly ended our favorite pastime for good.  During this period there were many gaming consoles available, lots of games and many developers that were popping up out of nowhere and just as quickly disappearing.  It was a horrific time for fans of gaming that lived […]

New Game: Chief Chef for the Odyssey 2 Released for Free

It seems that in classic games there was a lot of food and food preparers involved.  From titles such as Burger Time to Food Fight and many others, food was a prominent component of early video games, even Pac-Man had food as a central point.  Since the gameplay had to be kept simple back then […]

New Game: Death Race Ported to Magnavox Odyssey 2

Anyone that has done any real amount of research into the early days of gaming will, at least, have heard something about a game called Death Race. Death Race was very controversial back in the late 70’s. Exidy only created 500, or so, cabinets which makes the arcade unit quite a collector’s item.

New Game: Wildlife Comes to the Odyssey 2 Console

The Magnavox Odyssey 2 is a console that dropped out of the early console wars, well, early. The Odyssey 2 didn’t exactly hold up too well against other systems of the time for many reasons (marketing being one that splintered into many others). That has not stopped indie developers from creating some interesting new games […]

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