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Silent Hiil 4- The Room’s Apartment Recreated in Unity Engine

It is interesting to see stuff like this be made by fans, especially when it is for a game (Silent Hill) that has been cancelled by the publisher (Konami).  The apartment from Silent Hill 4: The Room is pretty faithfully recreated in Unity by a small core group of indie developers.  This is not a […]

New Game: Candlelight is 2.5D Side Scrolling Action Platform Awesomeness

Anyone that knows me knows I am into 2.5D side scrolling games from the likes of Astal and Clockwork Knight on the Sega Saturn to the reboot of Castle of Illusion or Swordigo.  If it is 2.5D side scrolling action, role playing, adventuring, I will at least give it a chance.  This is the reason […]

Kickstarter- Legena Union Tides Brings 16-Bit Style RPG Goodness to Multiple Platforms with Your Help

Grandpa Pixel, the developer behind the 16-Bit style Role Playing Game Legena Union Tides, has returned to Kickstarter. The goal is set rather low which is unusual for Kickstarter projects but shows the depth of development already done for Legena- this is not something that is coming from scratch and all work really begins after […]

Kickstarter: Legena: Union Tides To Bring 16-Bit Style RPG’s Back

Everyone is probably familiar with the old “Boogeyman” story that parents have used for decades to get children to mind. Well, in Legena, the Boogeyman may just be real, at least someone named Scholar thinks so. Also in the history of Legena is the death of a father at the hands of his son and […]

New Game: Rise and Shine Mixes Alien Hominid and Metal Slug to Create New Game

Just from the title alone you can tell there are some pretty big shoes to fill with this game called Rise & Shine. Just watch the video for a bit of a level that showcases a lot of different play mechanics mixed together. It is interesting to say the least.

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