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Revenge of the License: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Part Two)

By now I’m sure you’ve had time to read the first part of our series which looks at the the two games made for the NES and based on the third film in the Indiana Jones trilogy. If you somehow missed part one, or if you’d like to review the reasons why Taito’s version is […]

Revenge of the License: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Part One)

Ah, Indiana Jones. What a fine trilogy of films you made, and what a slew of cut-rate, awful games based on those same films have dogged your footsteps like a fast-rolling boulder trap in an Incan ruin. Indy’s one of those properties that turns out OK as long as LucasArts has a hand in the […]

New Game: Faye King- Jungle Jeopardy, New Point and Click Adventure, To Release in January 2015

Classic point and click adventure titles are making a slight comeback lately.  The team behind Maniac Mansion have their new game, Thimbleweed Park, coming (we have an interview in the editing process right now) and now we see another interesting Point and Click title.  Fay King: Jungle Jeopardy we find ourselves tasked with not only […]

Video: Sydney Hunter and the Caverns of Death Early Sega Dreamcast Build

Sydney Hunter is starring in quite a few games here lately. He has been on, or coming to, the Nintendo NES, Intellivision and other consoles. Now, we can add the Sega Dreamcast to that growing list of platforms Sydney has hit. For those that do not know, Syndey Hunter is a treasure hunter, not unlike […]

Bandit Gaming: Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine for PAL Found and Released

European gamers are somewhat used to getting the short end of the stick when it comes to game releases. This was especially true back in the 90’s when the PAL region was regularly overlooked when a new game was to be released. Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine for the Nintendo 64 was one such […]

New Game: Sydney Hunter & The Mayan’s Revenge for NES Coming Soon

Side scrolling action games is arguably what built the powerhouse that is known as the Nintendo Entertainment System. There is a plethora of them, not only on the NES but most systems up to the 16-Bit era after which everything changed to “polygons this” or “polygons that”. Indie developers have kept the flame alive though, […]

Today in History: November 14th, 1996- Lara Croft Begins Spelunking in Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider is one of those games that came along during a magical time of gaming, the transition from 16-bit to 32-bit. A time when developers were trying to show off new styles of games that the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis. At first the games were pretty blocky polygonal messes on the new, for […]

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