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Top 3 Import Games (Top 3 Tuesday)

Once more into the trenches, fellow Retromaniacs! This week, the studlier, more ruggedly handsome, infinitely cooler Michael (aka MichaelBtheGameGenie) raised a new topic which requires our input. Today’s video, which you should absolutely go and watch before you get any further into this column, requests his legions to choose and explain their Top 3 Import […]

Instruction booklet art for Clock Tower 2

Today in Retro Gaming: Clock Tower 2 (PS1)

Clock Tower 2, one of the scariest games ever released for 32-bit systems, celebrates its 19th Japanese birthday today in retro gaming history! It’s impossible to explain what this game meant to me when I discovered it completely by accident at a Toys ‘R’ Us in the late 90’s. While Resident Evil made me jump […]

Today in Retro Gaming: F1 Pole Position 64

There’s something to be said for coming in first. While people remember who won a given race, ask them who came in second and they’ll either have to think about it for a minute or else admit they don’t know. When it comes to sports, the gold medal might as well be everything and second […]

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