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Game Hack: Dragon Warrior 3 Hardtype Released

Some gamers like their titles a little easier than normal while other gamers prefer their games a little tougher. That second category of gamer will get a lot of use out of this announcement- Dragon Warrior 3 Hardtype is now available for the Nintendo Entertainment System. If you thought the original was too easy, here […]

Game Hack: Arcana Hardtype for Super Nintendo Released

While many did not like the “Simplified” releases for certain games there is obviously a market for those types of hacks and for ones like this. Arcana Hardtype takes the game changing fun and goes the other direction with it, making the game harder than originally intended.

Game Hack: Ogre Battle Hardtype Released (For those that want EVEN more Challenge)

A lot of fans were somewhat bewildered at the “Simplified” hacks of classic games. Keeping that in mind, check out this hack for Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen on Super Nintendo, great if the original was just too easy.

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