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Today in UK Retro Gaming: Hardcore 4×4 (PS1)

In case you think the grass is always greener across the pond, rest assured the UK gets just as many crap games as the US. When it came to Hardcore 4×4 on the PlayStation, the only good thing you can say about its European release is that it isn’t tied to a publishing deal with […]

Review: Switchblade for the CPC Gaming Computer

For 10,000 years he slept.  His mind feeding on the nightmares of the weak. Now he has awakened, as the night bled crimson the fireblade shattered and its power died.  Then the slaughter began.  They never thought he would return.  Now HAVOK reigns the under city. I am Hiro, the last of the bladeknights, I […]

New Game: Death Race Ported to Magnavox Odyssey 2

Anyone that has done any real amount of research into the early days of gaming will, at least, have heard something about a game called Death Race. Death Race was very controversial back in the late 70’s. Exidy only created 500, or so, cabinets which makes the arcade unit quite a collector’s item.

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