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Revenge of the License: Five NES Games That Missed the Point

I love licensed NES games. I love the sound they make as I yank them out of my system and hurl them against the wall. The relentless plundering through the morass in search of something worth playing and finding the occasional surprise is always delightful, and why I keep coming back to this column over […]

Mod: Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Car Turned into Nintendo NES Hits Ebay

Okay we have seen, over the years, people put whole personal computers inside of a NES console but never a whole NES into a miniature car.  Not just any car though, but the Ghostbusters Ecto-1 station wagon.  The cool thing about this mod is that the creator even went as far as modding the controller […]

Game Hack- Ghostbusters Not Only Back in Theaters but also Receive Color Fix on Sega Genesis

Since Ghostbusters is being re-released in theaters to celebrate its 30th anniversary, we figured it would be a good time to mention this color hack for their Sega Genesis game. The original suits in the 16-Bit game were not quite “true” to the movie props and now a fan has taken it upon themselves to […]

New Game: Ghost Control Inc Now Available for Linux, Mac and Windows

Anyone that has been playing games for any significan amount of time will recognize the graphics style of Ghost Control Inc. Resembling XCOM quite a bit puts Ghost Control Inc in good company right off the bat. Having that Ghost Busters feel just adds to the nuance created.

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