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New Game- Matrix: Quest for Deliverance Released for MSX Gaming Computer

Matrix: Quest for Deliverance is not a port, homage or anything, related to the movie franchise of the same name.  No, this Matrix game is one from way back in October of 1994.  Matrix: Quest for Deliverance is a Breakout/Arkanoid style game, one of the earliest styles of entertainment that video games saw.

New Game: Illumination Laser Found and Released on the Sharp X68000 Computer

We covered the Sharp X68000 in our second issue of Retro Gaming Magazine where it was featured alongside a handful of great titles worth grabbing. Had Illumination Laser been availalable at the time, it would definitely have made the list of must own/play games for Sharp’s gaming computer. Illumination Laser is an overhead scrolling shooter […]

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