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Top 5 Fighting Gaming Crossovers That Are Not Super Smash Bros

Think you know all of the fighting game crossovers that are not Super Smash Bros? Think again.

Five Classic Franchises Reimagined Using Unreal Engine 4

Check out these five classic retro gaming franchises re-imagined using the Unreal Engine.

Final Nintendo Gamecube Game Playable in Dolphin Emulator

While it seems Nintendo is on a warpath against fans for creating homebrew and independent versions of their intellectual properties, there is not much they can do to Dolphin.  Dolphin is a Nintendo Gamecube emulator that is created with 100% original code, none of it belonging to Nintendo so there is no legal grounds to […]

Oddballs in Gaming: Super Mario Sunshine

Mario and Nintendo are no strangers to solid 3D platformers. Featuring solid gameplay and amazing controls Mario made the transition into the third dimension almost seamlessly. But, one game stands out among them as the weird one and it is Super Mario Sunshine. A game we have spoken about in RGM at lengths, even discussing […]

Oddballs in Gaming: Mega Man Battle Network Transmission

Jack in! MegaMan.EXE! The infamous words uttered by Lan Hikari when logging in his companion MegaMan.EXE to the internet. The Mega Man Battle Network series revolved around a world that was essentially controlled by the internet. It was a basic what if scenario of Dr. Light focusing on networking instead of robotics. But, even though […]

Oddballs in Gaming: HM: A Wonderful Life

Developed by Victor Interactive Software and published by Natsume in 2003. A Wonderful Life was the future of the Harvest Moon series, but while the reviews were positive the game polarized the fan base. Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life was the oddball game in the long-standing HM series that tried to achieve so much, but […]

Retro Gaming Over Saturation – Are We There Yet?

It seems that with each new release of hardware in the console and hand held worlds we see re-releases of retro games.  Whether these are compilations of classics or single releases themselves.  This has been going on since the first follow up console was released in the 1980’s.  Companies have been working to monetize past […]

Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures

  The Legend of Zelda Four Swords Adventures was a strange game in the Zelda series. Four Swords Adventures was a game that utilized the convoluted method of GBA to GC connectivity which Nintendo developed. But, for those who purchased Four Swords Adventures it would be an uphill battle to find enough players. This would […]

So Bad It’s Good: Sonic Adventure 2

Sixteen years ago on this day Sega made history with a game called Sonic Adventure 2. The sequel to the well-receive albeit polarizing Sonic Adventure killer app for the Sega Dreamcast. Sonic Adventure 2 was expected to improve on everything that the original game got wrong, but was still enjoyable. However, while the results were […]

So Bad It’s Good – Dark Summit Rocked the Slopes

If you ask someone to name a great snowboarding game from the PS2/Xbox/Gamecube generation, the only one that should come to mind for any normal person will have ‘SSX’ somewhere in the title. Anyone who’s first response is Dark Summit, published by THQ in 2001, isn’t in full possession of his faculties. Evidence for this […]

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