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Minimalist Game Fans Check Exit out Now

When you think minimalist gaming you probably think of the Atari 2600.  That era of consoles had to rely on good gameplay with great controls to keep the player interested.  They didn’t have awesome HD graphics and 7.1 surround sound to work with.  Those crutches would come a couple of decades later.  That is what […]

Apple IIe Receives New Role Playing Game Lawless Legends Independently Developed Game

Will independent developers ever give up on classic hardware like the Apple IIe or Nintendo Entertainment System?  I personally hope not.  One big reason is seeing the release of titles such as Lawless Legends for the Apple IIe.  Decades after Apple themselves gave up on the IIe, independent developers are still supporting it with new […]

Ruzar the Stone of Life to Resurrect First Person Dungeon Crawlers

First person dungeon crawling games have been around since the early days of gaming (not as early as text adventures but still, a long time).  For the most part, if a platform could display graphics, even those as basic as early computers such as the Color Computer, there is a good chance that there is […]

Revenge of the License – Darkman

People give props to Sam Raimi for his most excellent Spider-Man film and often credit him for reviving the sagging comic book movie market, but Raimi didn’t cut his teeth on comic-like heroes with the wise-cracking webslinger. Twelve years before directing Tobey Maguire through his transformation into Kirsten Dunst’s boyfriend, Raimi put Liam Neeson through […]

Motion Sickness Gets Six Degrees of Freedom with Descent – Today in History – March 17th 1995

The charge of 20th anniversaries just won’t let up as we see another iconic game celebrating that special date.  Descent by Interplay was one of those games that you either “got” or you didn’t.  There was no real “middle ground” to speak of.  Tasked with clearing out mines of malfunctioning equipment, you will have a […]

Mod- Legend of Grimrock Receives Fan Remake of Dungeon Master

Legend of Grimrock recently received a sequel (Indie Retro News has covered it extensively) but that has not stopped fans from continuing to support the original title.  Fans have taken it upon themselves to create a mod for Legend of Grimrock featuring a faithful recreation of the classic Dungeon Master.  For those that do not […]

New Game: Into the Gloom Released on Windows, Mac and Linux

When you say there is a new horror game available, most people will ask what did Capcom name this one. There are not a lot of horror titles that really stand out any more. Into the Gloom, a new indie release, is throwing its blood stained trench coat into the ring though. For a one […]

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