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Inazuma Eleven 2: Blizzard—Soccer Ball Z

Ah, Association Football—the sport of the world. Known to most simply as Football (except in countries like Australia and the United States, which both refer to it as Soccer for the sake of not confusing it with their own respective versions of Football), it is a remarkably simple game which has often been seen as […]

Fan Translation: Samurai Pizza Cats on Nintendo NES Translated to French

To say thank you to our readers over in France I figured it would be best to bring up a fun bit of news specifically for them.  On the Nintendo Famicom, in Japan, we saw a game based on the popular television show, unfortunately, this game never made it stateside.  At least not officially.  There […]

New Game: Willy the Wasp 2 Hits the ZX Spectrum Retro Computer

The ZX Spectrum, a computer that gamers like me here in the United States probably have very little experience with got a new game recently.  Willy the Wasp 2 was recently released on the Spectrum computer adding another action adventure title to its library.  The story for Willy the Wasp 2 is pretty simple, and […]

New Game: Captain Drexx Brings Tower Defense to ZX Spectrum Platform

The ZX Spectrum was long gone, commercially, before the rise of Tower Defense style games in the mobile world. That has not stopped indie developer/publisher Cronosoft from taking the genre and making a Tower Defense title available for the British computer. Captain Drexx is just that, a Tower Defense game.

New Game: Dizzy and the Rainbow Jewels for PC

The Dizzy games are recognized as one of the most successful European game series on computers and was published by Codemasters.  The Dizzy games are mostly action/puzzle/platformers that feature a lot of logic puzzles to scratch your head at.  The first Dizzy game, The Ultimate Collection hit in June of 1987 (about 27 years ago).  […]

Bandit Gaming: Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine for PAL Found and Released

European gamers are somewhat used to getting the short end of the stick when it comes to game releases. This was especially true back in the 90’s when the PAL region was regularly overlooked when a new game was to be released. Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine for the Nintendo 64 was one such […]

Prototype: Frog Dude for Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Released by Developer

In this day of the Internet and all of its far reaching tentacles into just about every facet of life, it is hard to believe that there are still games being discovered for old systems. Thanks to Andy Swann, former key programmer for Twilight- developers of Alfred Chicken, a new Sega Genesis/Mega Drive game has […]

Fans Make Shenmue II, With English Voices, Available for Sega Dreamcast

Shenmue was on of those games that gamers either loved or didn’t understand. It was also one of the titles that Dreamcast owners could point at and thumb their noses at everyone else because there really was nothing else like it on the market. Sadly, Shenmue 1 was to be a lonely single release in […]

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