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One Last Try: How X-Com Translates Frustration to Fun

So XCOM 2 was announced not too long ago. Firaxis’ reimagining of the classic squad-based extraterrestrial strategy wargame was already a critical and financial smash hit, even if fans were split down the middle with many of its changes, both aesthetic and mechanical. However, while I always had an interest in XCOM: Enemy Unknown—I happen […]

Lucky Rabbit’s Foot: 4chan’s Impressive Interpretation of Association Football

Before I start this next article proper, I’d like to make it clear that the content in this article is very off-color. While as a journalist, I will try to be as unbiased and professional as I can, the subject matter at hand here is likely to come as a shock once you experience it […]

Three Titles That Should Have Been Launch Titles on Nintendo’s 3DS

This article was originally made available on Gaming on Nintendo on June 1st, 2013- Rather than doing the boring same old top five games of this general persuasion, which is quite boring and unimaginative, I’ve decided to do a special three list of titles that Nintendo really should had as launch titles on the 3DS, […]

App Update: Sega 32X Collector Adds Features

Retro gaming is quite easy to get lost in, even for seasoned fans.  Hugues Johnson, co-host of The Retro League podcast, has created several Android apps that help retro gaming fans keep track of what they have, what they want and what is needed to complete a collection.  One such app, Sega 32X Collector, now […]

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