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New Game: The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask is Coming to the Nintendo 3DS This Spring

Ever since Nintendo has been in the portable gaming market there has been a sizable demand for the popular titles from their current consoles to appear in “bite size” form.  As time went on and Nintendo’s back library grew, demand slowly grew for older titles to be released on newer consoles and whatever the current […]

New Game: Yoshi’s Wooly World Coming to Nintendo Wii U

Another day, another 2D side scrolling action adventure coming to the Nintendo Wii U. Nintendo is really kicking it into gear with regard to the types of games that have a wide appeal with retro gamers and Yoshi’s Wooly World is no exception. What is next to be announced? A new 2D side scrolling Metroid […]

New Game: Mario Maker on Nintendo Wii U

Here at RGM, we are not afraid of discussing hacks and the like, especially those involving the Big N’s main man. What is cool about this new announcement is, Nintendo has taken it upon themselves to let gamers creat classic Mario levels on their own. At least those gamers that own a Nintendo Wii U […]

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