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Wizard of Legend is Coming to Scratch Your Retro Itch

Wizard of Legend is an upcoming game by Contingent99 slated for release in 2017. It is a retro style game featuring action heavy spell slinging combat, and procedurally generated dungeons. At first glance the game looks amazing.

Ruzar the Stone of Life to Resurrect First Person Dungeon Crawlers

First person dungeon crawling games have been around since the early days of gaming (not as early as text adventures but still, a long time).  For the most part, if a platform could display graphics, even those as basic as early computers such as the Color Computer, there is a good chance that there is […]

New Game: The Shifting Catacombs Coming to Sega’s 16-Bit Platforms

It seems that independent developers simple will not let old systems die, thankfully. Psycatic is one of those independent developers that is keeping the candle burning for Sega’s dead hardware. Previously releasing a title called The First Invasion which was a Space Invaders style game for the Genesis, now Psycatic is working on a Story […]

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